With the additive-free basic cosmetics

With the additive-free basic cosmetics

With the additive-free basic cosmetics

In late years people using the additive-free basic cosmetics seem to increase, but will point to what kind of product with the additive-free basic cosmetics.

Are the really additive-free basic cosmetics safe things?

In the first place nothing is added to be additive-free; mean that is not combined.

There is the product to push on the entire surface in being additive-free, but it is fragrance or is a coloring agent, or basic cosmetics do not know it only by it being said that it is only additive-free.

When I choose the basic cosmetics, what I consider OK if written that it is merely additive-free is dangerous.

The word additive-free basic cosmetics showed having indication designation ingredient or not once.

I appointed the indication designation ingredient as the ingredient that the Ministry of Health and Welfare might cause an allergy in 1970.

I said the thing which an indication designation ingredient was not combined with then if additive-free, and the name additive-free basic cosmetics was possible.

When it was 2001, indication designation ingredient system itself disappeared, and the cosmetics maker came to have to display all the combined ingredients.

The ingredient which was used because the system was such that I began to write all the ingredients became clear at a glance.

A lot of cosmetics companies which I sell, and publicize safety by words called additive-free basic cosmetics seem to exist even now.

Although it is written that it is additive-free, the basic cosmetics that the definition is unclear exist.

You should choose the ingredient with knowledge well even if you say additive-free basic cosmetics because it varies.


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